MAfrika's courageous journey as she
faces her fears, shares her joys and grows love

ets.2012 stand up and be love
Imagine how great you'll feel as your partnership with us allows thousands of children who normally never see theatre to enjoy MAfrika & her loving message

We believe in a world of hope, love and awesome possiblity and we are aware many Dear Ones in the world are not learning from stories that inspire this state of being - so we want to take that message to as many people as possible. Mother Earth is calling out to her children to stand UP and be the change they wish to see...

We're always looking at the WIN WIN WIN:

How do YOU win & WE win and this PLANET win...

  • We can afford the team we need to manage this properly
  • We can get the projectors to make the show WOW (we need 3 & we can get them locally for about $500 each)
  • We can promote MAfrika with social media clips & print material
  • We can reach thousands of Dear Ones
  • We get to see the effect MAfrika has on Dear Ones
  • You get the feel good factor - knowing your money is making a direct difference to us, to thousands of children & the world
  • You get the perks we promise you - see below (postcards, clips, intentions)
  • More Dear Ones wake up to their potential to effect change in themselves & the world
  • Dear Ones inspire others to step up and take better care of eachother and the world
  • We see the planet being loved and cared for again

In this first quarter we will go to over 10 schools, most of them will not be able to afford the $750 it costs to take MAfrika there. Your contribution reduces or entirely cuts that cost for them. They appreciate your support and we send you the pic of them all loving the show. Then we give the parents and teachers a bonus FREE Joy training workshop to continue the work MAfrika started and soon that community will be stepping up and doing more for the planet - all because we cared...

If something comes to mind as to other ways you can help please contact us - here are some thoughts we had:

  • Spread the word - tell your peeps about our project
  • If you know of a school or festival you think MAfrika should come to - send us details
  • BE THE CHANGE - choose LOVE... it's cheesy, but oh so true
Perks for your contribution
A lot of a little is a collective miracle...

Every Dear ONES' partnering support will be rewarded with thanks on our social media & a special signed MAfrika postcard will be mailed to you

Together we are ONE...

All Dearer ONES receive perks above & you'll also get a credit on screen at the end of each performance in the 1st quarter (that's till End June)

A WOWder is a being who makes you say WOW - you're contribution makes us say WOW & YAY!

You'll get all of the above perks & a picture of a community school that you're donation covers a FREE show for.

You'll also get a WOWder credit on our you-tube clips & your own inTENtion (a heart shaped icon for decor purpose or for wearing).

So a WOWder is a being who makes you say WOW - & you're contribution makes us say WOW double time.

You'll receive all of the above perks & 5 postcard pics of the schools that saw MAfrika with your contribution. You'll also receive a co-produced by credit on our documentary, intended to be made in 2014.

become a dear one

If you want to find more details of the 20 city tour, book your school or theatre or even offer your skills or money - please follow these links.

next tour dates may 1st


Various Schools

Country Wide